A Special Thank you to our Newest Members

Member NameCity/State Membership TypeDate Joined
Tom Miller-Artic ITAnchorage, AK 100 Club FOUNDING Corporate  Life Member 1/1/2019
Byron  Alexander and Keith Duren--Key WardenNew Braufels, TX 100 Club FOUNDING Corporate Life Member1/1/2019
Brad Rice and Cory Mata--Motorola SolutionsChicago, IL100 Club FOUNDING Corporate Life Member1/1/2019
Crosspoint Communications Arlington, TX100 Club FOUNDING Corporate Member1/1/2019
Priefert ManufacturingMount Pleasant, TX100 Club Corporate Life Member2/14/2019
Pilgrim BankMount Pleasant, TX 100 Club Corporate Life Mmber2/8/2019
Buddy Collum ---Best Fender ProductsMount Pleasant, TX100 Club Corporate Life Member2/4/2019
John "Trey" Crim IIIKilgore, TX 100 Club Corporate Life Member1/1/2019
Pilgrims Pride Mount Pleasant,TX 100 Club Corporate Life Member1/24/2019
Cypress Bank Mount Pleasant, TX100 Club Corporate Life Member             1/23/2019
 Byron R Wadley MDLongview, TX  100 Club Corporate Life Member 1/11/2019
American National BankMount Pleasant, TX 100 Club Corporate Life Member1/23/2019
Brian "B" GoodingPittsburg, TX100 Club Corporate Life Member1/23/2019 
Crosspoint CommunicationsArlington, TX 100 Club Corporate Member2/5/2019
Jason Jones--Alstate insuranceLongview, TX 100 Club Corporate Member1/30/2019
Bomar RentalsMooringsport, LA 100 Club Corporate Member1/12/2019
Brian DaugbjergLoongview, TX 100 Club Corporate Member1/11/2019
Ken CarterCarthage, TX 100 Club Corporate Member1/10/2019
Martin Pessink-USV LLC Professional ServicesGladewater, TX100 Club Corporate Member1/7/2019
Wayne IsbellMount Pleasant, TX 100 Club Life Member1/1/2019
Gary and Sherry RiceLa Porte, TX 100 Club Life Member1/31/2019
Nancy MobleyLongview,TX 100 Club LIfe Member1/30/2019
Mary and Hugh "H.R." Poindexter Bullard, TX 100 Club Life Mmber1/24/2019
Ken and Sally WallaceRusk, TX 100 Club Life Member1/17/2019
Betty MorganJefferson,TX 100 Club Life Member1/16/2019
John & Julie RayCollege Station,TX 100 Club Life Member1/16/2019
JB McCaleb - In Memory of  Bob McCalebLongview, TX 100 Club Life Member1/16/2019
Ronald E SpradlinKilgore, TX100 Club Life Member
David and Susan BickelLongview, TX 100 Club Life Member 1/23/2019
Monika TarwaterGilmer, TX100 Club Life Member1/1/2019
Julie GrundenGilmer, TX100 Club Life Member1/1/2019
Bennie and Vicki MiddlebrooksRusk, TX 100 Club Life Member1/1/2019
Ricky StewartHughes Springs, TX100 Club Standard2/7/2109
Jeremy HarmelJacksonville, TX100 Club Standard2/12/2019
Rick  StrudthoffMount Pleasant, TX 100 Club Standard 2/8/2019
Herman GraffunderMount Vernon, TX 100 Club Standard2/8/2019
William and Melanie NewellAlto, TX100 Club Standard2/4/2019
Steve BrownGladewater, TX100 Club Standard2/6/2019
Shella TurnerKerrville, TX100 Club Standard2/6/2019
Cathy TouhyVan, TX 100 Club Standard2/4/2019
JB and Winnie MorrisJoinersville, TX100 Club Standard1/27/2019
Tom and Linda Ball Rusk, TX 100 Club Standard1/24/2019
Dave CampFT Worth, TX 100 Club Standard1/22/2019
Jon HargettJacksonville, TX 100 Club Standard1/23/2019
George Arnold Tyler, TX 100 Club Standard1/23/2019
Patrick HardyRusk, TX 100 Club Standard1/23/2019
Nancy LeflettOmaha, TX100 Club Standard1/18/2019
Kay TaylorLongview, TX 100 Club Standard1/18/2019
Jey  YanceyMount Pleasant, TX100 Club Standard1/17/2019
Steven UllrichTyler, TX100 Club Standard1/17/2019
Joe ManningLongview, TX
100 Club Standard1/11/2019
Robert BoazLongview, TX
100 Club Standard1/11/2019
John LaneLufkin, TX100 Club Standard1/11/2019
Jeanie SwinkRusk, TX100 Club Standard1/11/2019
Joe TurnerLinden, TX100 Club Standard1/11/2019
Courtney SheltonAtlanta, TX100 Club Standard1/11/2019
Mike BishopLongview, TX 100 Club Standard1/11/2019
Trisha Ricks StewartMount Vernon, TX100 Club Standard1/10/2019
Monica ThomassonRusk, TX100 Club Standard1/10/2019
Jeff and Mary Ann ThomasLongview, TX100 Club Standard1/8/2019
Andrew HawkesJacksonville, TX 100 Club Standard1/7/2019
Jim NettersRusk, TX100 Club Standard1/1/2019
Nathan JonesJacksonville, TX100 Club Standard1/1/2019
Brian "B" GoodingPittsburg, TX100 Club Standard1/1/2019
Jay and Ellen GordonLongview, TX 100 Club Standard1/1/2019
Joe McKay
Kilgore, TX 100 Club Standard1/1/2019
 Austin McKayKilgore, TX 100 Club Standard1/1/2019
 Laura PearsonKiolgore, TX 100 Club Standard1/1/2019
WalmartMount Pleasant, TX100 Club Donation1/1/2019